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    Mutt Republic is an apparel company created in NYC by Mauricio Mendoza. Mauricio was born in Bogota, Colombia, and as a young boy he always rescued and helped stray dogs and cats. Years later he moved to the United States, where he’s had a very successful career as a fashion model and an art director. The idea of Mutt Republic came 2 years ago, when he lost his beloved rescue dog.  At that moment he realized that his help had to go beyond fostering and adopting stray animals. He then moved to NYC and worked tirelessly to make Mutt Republic a reality.

    The focus of his company is to give 50% of the profits to 5 of the most important national and international animal rescue organizations. Mutt Republic also wants to create a conscious campaign through fashion to help bring awareness to adopting instead of purchasing pets.

    “Proudly different”, Mutt Republic’s slogan, wants to emphasize that being a Mutt is a thing to be proud of;  something that makes us –dogs, cats, humans –unique. That it doesn’t matter where we come from, because we are all different and beautiful. But ultimately, it’s about helping full breeds or mutts, period. It’s a simple philosophy to LOVE, INSPIRE & HELP.